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In Memory of our friends who have left us

Donation Made to Veteran Love on December 10, 2007
In Memory of USMC Major Gregory Hold

Dear Veterans,

    The Hold family is providing this donation in memory of USMC Major Gregory Hold, a loved son, brother and uncle. With honor and dedication, he served in the Marine Corps for twenty years. He gave of himself in every way and this donation is an extension of his typical generous style. As an example, one week before he passed away, Greg was on his boat heading down the New River in North Carolina, toward the Atlantic, when he came upon another boat that had gone aground on a sand bar. The captain aboard was frantic, as the tide was moving out, and was very worried that he’d have to spend twelve hours to await high tide before becoming mobile again. Without hesitating, Greg jumped into the chest-high water and rocked the boat side-to-side while the captain gunned the motors. They were able to free the boat. This was February on the East Coast, so the water was very cold. Greg had never met this man before, yet he literally “jumped in” to help. Typical Greg.

    Additionally, this donation is given on behalf of Andrew and Chris of Re-volve Solutions, who created a moving, respectful video of Greg’s Arlington Cemetery funeral service. They gave selflessly of their time and skills to assist us, his family, in our time of need. The video expresses the solemnest, while capturing the honor and glory that Greg deserved. We will cherish it, along the Greg’s memory, forever.

    We hope this donation can assist other members of the Armed Services who have graciously given of themselves; physically, mentally, and emotionally, to service our country, as Greg had given of himself.

Thank you for your dedication to our men and women in the Armed Services.

Sincerely, The Hold Family

April 17 2007
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A donation was made by Patricia Kantor in loving memory of SGM J. Makar

A donation has been made to Veteran Love
In Memory of Bud Martin by Roberta Susskind of Rancho Mirage, CA.

Donation received in honor of Navy Lt. Lee Payn
by Its Better Publication LLC dba The Hook

Donation to Veteran Love & Appreciation by Linda Higgins, Green Bay, WI
In memory of Orie Meyer


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